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Audit - VACANT

Committee Chair: (   

The Audit, Bylaws, & Policies Committee audits the CFO’s books at the end of each month and at the end of the fiscal year and presents a written report to the board. The Audit Committee also conducts any special audits as requested by the Board; findings from special audits are presented to the Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Awards - VACANT

Committee Chair:

The Awards Committee selects various awards throughout the year to present to various members, legal community leaders, and volunteers that promote the Association’s mission. The Committee monitors the nomination process and selection of award winners and follows through with the award presentation upon selection to award winners.

Bar Liaison 

Committee Chair: REINA RODRIGUEZ

The Bar Liaison Committee represents SDPA at San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) meetings to strengthen SDPA’s relationship with the Bar, and to notify SDPA’s membership of the pro bono, educational and networking opportunities available through the SDCBA. The committee is also tasked with promoting the paralegal profession by emphasizing the cost effectiveness paralegals have on legal services.

Bylaws - VACANT

Committee Chair:

The Bylaws Committee reviews the current SDPA Bylaws and working policies to ensure compliance with state and local laws, and to ensure that SDPA is acting in accordance with its internal Bylaws and Policies. If the Bylaws & Policies Committee identifies an area of non-compliance, the Committee will recommend either modifying the Bylaws and/or Policies or changing the action.


Committee Chair:

The CAPA Primary and Secondary represent SDPA’s interests and provide SDPA’s collective support to the California Alliance of Paralegal Associations (“CAPA”). The CAPA Committee is responsible for: coordinating the distribution of information between SDPA and CAPA on issues of state-wide importance; attending CAPA Board meetings on SDPA’s behalf; preparing reports to SDPA’s Board regarding CAPA’s activities and posting information on SDPA’s bulletin boards for SDPA member review; disseminating information from CAPA to SDPA members which may include publicizing CAPA’s educational conferences, State Bar activities and the distribution of RECAP (CAPA’s publication).

Elections & Nominations

Committee Chair: MIRIAM MONTIEL

The Elections and Nominations Committee is designed to assist with and carry out the nominations and voting procedures as written in SDPA’s bylaws. These tasks are to be carried out annually.


Committee Chair:  PRIYANAKA BITRA (

The Employment Committee identifies and alerts SDPA members to San Diego-area legal support staff positions. The Employment Committee not only receives requests from potential employers, but also proactively communicates with legal recruiters, agencies and employers, to seek out additional opportunities. Once identified, these positions are posted to SDPA’s Job Bank (found in the Members Area of the website).


Committee Chair:  christina hough (

SDPA’s Membership Committee assists members by getting as much as possible out of their SDPA membership. SDPA membership can present opportunities for paralegals that you would never have expected. One of SDPA’s primary goals is to provide services and opportunities to continue members’ professional growth.

Mentorship - VACANT

Committee Chair:

The primary goal of the SDPA Mentorship Program is to facilitate professional development within its membership and establish a support system for the mentees by providing guidance to other paralegals. The secondary goal is to provide resources to assist the mentors to serve as a role model and coach to the mentees.


Committee Chair: JACKIE VAN DYKE (

The Newsletter Committee oversees the content, advertising, and editing of the newsletter. The newsletter is one of SDPA’s most tangible member benefits. As part of SDPA’s overarching goal to increase membership, a critical aspect is continuing efforts to improve the quality of the newsletter. The Newsletter Committee is responsible for contacting and following up with prominent paralegal writers and commentators, legal publications for reprint rights, SDPA officers and directors, local attorneys, etc. for articles relevant to paralegals and the legal community. SDPA’s newsletter is sent to all current members and a limited number of other associations and paralegal programs. Improving the quality goes hand-in-hand with increasing SDPAs circulation. As our circulation numbers grow, so does SDPAs value to all paralegals working in San Diego’s legal community.


Committee Chair: Kristine M. Custodio, ACP (

The NALA Committee provides a liaison between the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and SDPA. Members of the NALA Committee provide SDPA members with updates regarding NALA’s annual conference, MCLE and other educational programs, certification exams, and other NALA events and programs.

North County - VACANT

Committee Chair:

The North County Committee fills a growing need to keep SDPA apprised of events, issues and nuances facing North County paralegals. The North County Committee is also responsible for contributing to the planning and execution of SDPA’s North County programs.

Pro Bono


The Pro Bono Committee identifies and communicates with the organizations providing low- or no-cost legal services to the indigent and low income members of the San Diego community. The Committee works closely with the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program and San Diego County Bar Association to determine the types of activities in which paralegals can make a difference and, in turn, promote those activities within SDPA.

Programs & Education

Committee Chair: PERLA d. CUEVAS (

The Programs and Education Committee finds speakers for the monthly MCLE presentations, striving to find presenters on meaningful topics and areas of interest to all SDPA members. The Committee also plans larger seminars and fun, networking events, encouraging all members of the legal community to meet and work together.

Public Relations


The Public Relations Committee ensures effective and timely communications between SDPA and the public. Primarily, this involves promoting SDPA’s events through press releases and bulletins, responding to general inquires, and forging relationships with the various media outlets that can help disseminate SDPA’s message.

School Liaison

Committee Chair: JENNIFER HEDRICK (

The School Liaison Committee addresses the needs of the students, faculty and directors participating in San Diego’s many paralegal programs. The Committee’s contributions include fostering SDPA’s Mentorship Program and developing student-oriented seminars and programs in an effort to ensure that San Diego is producing the most well-rounded and educated graduates in the County. The Committee is also responsible for fundraising and scholarship development on an as-needed basis.

Sustaining Members - VACANT

Committee Chair: (

This Committee oversees our Sustaining Members and solicits companies to become sponsors. We are looking for someone to help our Sustaining Members to get the most out of their membership and be the point person to provide our Sustaining Members with the tools they need to get their message out to SDPA’s members. Every one of SDPA’s Sustaining Members is looking for just the right touch when it comes to marketing their upcoming events, advertising in the newsletter and/or website, or just touching base to see what SDPA can do for them, as well as what they can do for SDPA.

Website - VACANT

Committee Chair:

The Website Committee is responsible for maintaining event registrations, public relations messages to members, and the overall design and content of the SDPA website, located at Members of the Committee perform regular content inspections, facilitate new postings for the Board, and moderate SDPA’s website discussion boards.

Mailing Address:

501 W. Broadway, Suite A-220
San Diego, CA 92101

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