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Questions About Membership in CAPA

How do I become a member of CAPA?

CAPA is an alliance of 12 paralegal associations in the State of California. To gain CAPA benefits you must be a member of one of the 12 CAPA Member Associations. If you are a member of SDPA, you are automatically a member of CAPA! check out the CAPA Calendar for Events Statewide!

What are the benefits of membership?

SDPA has benefits for members, please visit the other "members only" pages. In addition, CAPA offers the following benefits to the its member associations of CAPA:

  • Discounts on CAPA conferences;

  • Discounts on local association events and access to job banks and salary surveys through reciprocity between our affiliated associations;

  • A subscription to RECAP the official publication of CAPA, which is published four times a year;

  • Access to the Resource Directory;

  • Discounted rate for CAPA's Certification Exam "CCP";

  • Discounted price and access to the Paralegal Guidebook;

Can non-members attend the CAPA annual educational conference?

Non-members can attend the CAPA annual educational conference, but members of CAPA member associations receive a discount on their registration fees.

How can I become involved in CAPA?

CAPA is governed by a board of directors, which is selected by its member associations. Each member association selects up to two (2) Directors to serve on the CAPA Board. Contact Alison M. Greenlee, your local CAP representative for more information.

What is a CAPA affiliate?

CAPA holds an annual membership in affiliate associations NALA, NFPA, and AAFPE.

CAPA Leadership Conference

Every other year CAPA and one of it's member associations hosts a Leadership Conference.  This event is designed to strengthen your association management skills, sharpen your board of director duties/responsibilities, and inspire you to become a leader in your community.  In addition, we generally will offer continuing legal education. CAPA Leadership Conference

June Conference

CAPA's June Conference also known as our Educational Conference is held annually in June and is hosted by one of CAPA's member associations.  CAPA rotates holding the conference in Northern, Central, and Southern California each year. CAPA June Conference

Mailing Address:

501 W. Broadway, Suite A-220
San Diego, CA 92101

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