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  • 3 Oct 2022 7:39 PM | Anonymous

    SDPA Director, Kristine Custodio Suero, ACP will participate in a discussion about a national model and best practices for paraprofessional program proposals. The November 9-10, 2022 event will be hosted by The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS).

    Click the link for more information:

  • 1 Oct 2022 4:02 PM | Anonymous

    Join AAfPE on Thurs Oct 13, 2022, 10:30 AM ET for a lively discussion with industry leaders about paralegal licensing across the US with Page Beetem JD & Kristine Custodio Suero ACP.

  • 1 Oct 2022 5:23 AM | Anonymous

    Tuesday October 4, 2022 at 1:00 pm EST SDPA’s own SHEILA GRELA will be amongst today’s top thought leaders discussing e-Discovery best practices and advances in technology.

  • 24 Sep 2022 12:43 PM | Anonymous

    "Allyship is an Action... We all have the power to show up, We all have the power to make a difference and affect change, if we choose to do so."

    Field Legal Administrative Operations Manager and Director

    The Liberty Mutual Group, Inc.

  • 24 Sep 2022 12:13 PM | Anonymous
    The Value of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion:

    “Companies in the top quarter for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to financially outperform the national industry median.”

    Senior Counsel

    Diversity & Inclusion Chair

    Tyson & Mendes, LLP

  • 24 Sep 2022 11:29 AM | Anonymous

     Five Generations of Differences in the Work Force:

    Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z

    "Five Difference Perspectives Brings In Innovation."

    Director of Client Relations

    Diversity & Inclusion Practice Leader

    Murchison & Cumming, LLP

  • 24 Sep 2022 10:55 AM | Anonymous

     “Diversity is a fact, Equity is a choice, Inclusion is an action and Belonging is an outcome.”

    San Diego Superior Court

    Former City Attorney, City of National City

  • 24 Sep 2022 10:48 AM | Anonymous

    How to overcome the challenges of being autistic in the legal profession?

     “Develop a mental construct/paradigm ... [and] Meld emotions into inputs and outputs…”

    Litigation Attorney

    Neurodivergent Advocate and Speaker

    Doucet Gerling Co., L.P.A.

  • 24 Sep 2022 10:09 AM | Anonymous

    “Unconscious bias often runs counter to our own values.”

    Manager of Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Strategy

    Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hamilton, LLP

  • 24 Sep 2022 9:56 AM | Anonymous

      “Imposter syndrome is experienced by everyone at sometime ... It is not the normal anxiety that we all feel when exposed to stressful situations in the workplace. It is caused by environments where some people can feel like imposters regardless of qualifications or intelligence”

    Solution: Individual and Environmental Intervention

     Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

    Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hamilton, LLP

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