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CHARITY SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Restorative Justice Mediation Program (RJMP)

8 Aug 2019 10:02 PM | Anonymous

By Dawn Regner

Restorative Justice Mediation Program:

Brief History:

The Restorative Justice Mediation Program (RJMP) partners with local justice agencies and other non-profit organizations to provide valuable mediation services to hose affected by crime. 

Through its Victim-Offender Dialogue and Inmate Education & Reentry Preparation programs, RJMP seeks to "[repair] the harm caused or revealed by criminal behavior" by:

  • Involving all stakeholders (including both victim and offender)
  • transforming the traditional relationship between communities and their government in responding to crime 

Services offered: 

RJMP's Victim-Offender Dialogue (VOD) program (the only program of its kind in San Diego) begins with a focus on the victim, to assist them in the healing process and provide an opportunity for them to communicate about the affects of the crime in their lives.  Additionally, the program works with offenders to bring about true understanding and accountability.  By bringing both parties together to develop and appropriate restorative agreement, the goal is to thoroughly address the needs of victim, offender and community.  

The Restorative Justice Reentry Prep Program (RJRPP) consists of a 20-week trauma-informed program for inmates housed in San Diego Country jails and detention centers to prepare the way for an effective and successful release.  Inmates work on things such as empathy and remorse, self-awareness, decision-making, developing accountability, and personal healing.  The program is led by professional psychologists and educators with many years experience in the field.

Mailing Address:

501 W. Broadway, Suite A-220
San Diego, CA 92101

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